I have seen her in her fullness

It was just a glimpse, and I got stocked with her. Stocked with the glimpse of that which overwhelmed my being, it was a glimpse of her beautiful face. Irreplaceable and untamed she has remained… Every other soon fades away. Now, I cherish her as never before. Because, I have seen her in her fullness… She brightens my face and makes me smile through difficulties. What more can a man demand for? Don’t get it twisted, I got stocked with wisdom and won’t let her go. “In all your getting, get understanding”

Oluchi Omai


I Care Like I Don’t

I care like I don’t, and will not care even if I do. It’s a soft spot, a weakness on my part, so I won’t show it. Even though I can’t help but let it out.
My eyegates fail me because they keep gazing at you, my lips keep embarrassing me because they keep speaking your name amidst events which does not warrant the mention of your name.
I have become so much interwoven in you that I keep caring like I don’t, and will not care even if I do.
Now, they know I am madly in love with you, because I don’t care how I care. They know I keep caring like I don’t, and will not care even if I do.
Now their eyes are wide open to see you and their ears 👂 ready to hear your name.
They can’t imagine it “so, finally he’s found a lover” they say. I only smile at their ignorance, because they never knew that it was you who found me and not I who found you.
That is why I care like I don’t, and will not care even if i do.
Our love is the sweetest and i will never care what people keep saying about us. Just help me care and love you the more, JESUS my lover.

Written By Oluchi Omai


The Replacement Generation: Your Youthfulness is Your Advantage

Greatly endowed, full of wisdom, full of vigor and energy, beautiful and handsome beyond comparison, endorsed and loved by all… You can go ahead and name it. One thing is sure, no man is indispensable. Therefore, make every time and moment count positively, be useful and profitable while you can, you are a replacement generation and you also are replaceable and dispensable.
Be relevant while you still can, for someday you will be relevant, yet the strength will be far from you. You are a replacement generation, you might be indispensable today, yet tomorrow you will be dispensable.
Someday your strength and vigor will fail, and your beauty fade away… You will wish you could take mountains, fill valleys… Yet they will only be wishes. Make it real today, make good use of your youthfulness. Take the mountains and level them, fill the valleys and make them plane. But, never forget that YOU ARE A REPLACEMENT GENERATION.

  • By Oluchi Omai

Final Charge: Secrets of heavenly race set before us – Mike Bamiloye

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye – Chairman ANCEDRAM Board of Trustees

The Final charge at the just conclude ANCEDRAM National Virtual Conference, Pressing towards the mark was geared towards motivating and encouraging drama ministers to stay focused on the call and service to God.
According to Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, the chairman ANCEDRAM Board of Trustees, every Ministry comes with its own boisterous wind, but in order to succeed and fulfill ministry, every drama minister must stay focused on the one who called them and not on the challenges and troubles around.
Text: Philipians 3:13-14
This verses give us the secret of the heavenly race set before us. The two major secrets of attaining major goals in life and ministry.
The secret of fulfilling mandate of God in our ministry
The secret of running the heavenly race and ending in glory, and finishing strong, getting to heaven and getting the reward of your labour.
God has embedded in this verses spiritual formula. Paul was talking to brethren and not to unbelievers, God is talking to all his children and saying to us that here is a specific mark. He is no more but, the word is for us.
There is a mark and that mark is a destination, it is an end goal, a finishing line for all believers. There is a price attached to the mark and you only get it at the finishing line. There is a mark set before you by God, it is the mark God wants you to reach, it is our spiritual destination. And Paul said “I press towards the mark for a goal.”
In all we do in this world, there is a mark God wants to reach. It is a spiritual journey and every mission God puts in our hand has a spiritual mark. Starting it is not the work, finishing is not it but reaching the mark is the real thing.
Jesus healed, raised death and all he did he never reached the mark, he suffered to the cross and died he had not reached the mark until he appeared in heaven and showed himself to the father. I pray for everyone, you shall finish well!
Example from the case of Abraham, and asked him to leave his fathers house that was the starting point, the point he promised to show him is the set mark. When God called you he had a destination for you and that is what you will achieve but you must press towards it.
God promise to make Abraham great when he gets to the mark.
When you get to the mark you shall be crowned, lifted up and celebrated. As small as the vision given to you might seem, there is a mark and you must press towards it. Don’t stop halfway, don’t get tired you must finish it. There is always a promise and God does not fail in his promise. But, between the mark and the starting point there are obstacles which intend to take you off track and that is why Paul said I press towards it, he did not say I strolled or danced. But, I pushed and pressed towards the mark of the price.
Matthew 14:25-31 is a beautiful example.
Here Jesus came walking on the sea to meet his disciples, they were afraid and Jesus beckoned on peter to come to him. Peter stepped out of the boat, he left the starting point and was walking towards Jesus. It is not everyone that can step out of the boat because others where in the boat. It is one thing to have a vision, it is another thing to have the vision and the calling. To have the price of the calling there is something in between not just the call. After Jesus Christ Peter walked on the water, but there was a serious mistake and that is a lesson for all.
Between the starting point and the mark there was a great storm, now the secret to finishing the mark is revealed. Even when Jesus commanded peter to come, there was still a great storm but you will have to move, press forward towards the mark. You must not stop half way. Every Canaan land has its Anakeems, when Joseph saw the vision of greatness, his brothers hated him.
Jesus did not stop the storm, but when Peter saw that the storm was great he was afraid, and then he began to sink, he didn’t sink when his eyes and attention=on was on Jesus who called him he never sank. Every ministry and calling comes with great storms of betrayal, setbacks, distractions they are all targeted at making you take off your eyes from the mark. There is a lifting and promotion ahead when you reach you goal and finish your assignment. There are many Christians whose eye are on the big assignment but they are not faithful in the little.
Are you feeling discouraged at the initial face of your ministry, ministry comes with great storms. As you press forward, the lord will make it work. When you buy or receive your calling, you buy or receive it with great storm.
Behind the mark there is a high calling, but you have to press forward. Paul at different instances was stoned, rubbed and even went hungry. Those were his stormy season and he pressed hard until he got to the mark. You and I will finish strong. No great storm stays forever.
Peter looked at the challenges, the hunger the lacks and others. Complaints is a great danger to a man of vision. In the journey of the Israelites between the start to the promise land there was a wilderness.
Never give room for grumbling, or murmuring let you focus be where Jesus called you because he will be waiting for you at the end. Peter looked away, the easiest way to disappear from the call is to look away. Following shortcuts, you must pay your dues pray for grace to do so.
When Abraham looked away and got Ishmael, it took about 35years before God spoke to Abraham again. God knows all you go through, all is not about the devil.
That the lord has given you a vision to do movies and you produced it, did you ask him how to go about it?
How to sink is to shift your eyes away from the master and pay too much attention to challenges, when you associate with the wrong people you will sink. When you pay attention to negative conversation you pollute your hear and you can still sink. Peter was sinking, but did a fantastic thing, he called on jesus to save and Jesus stretch forth his hand and saved him.
Is there any one whose ministry is in shamble, facing opposition, crisis, problems in marriage, health because of your ministry, call on Jesus. Some financial challenges come because of your ministry. If you are sinking call him raising your hands and he will pull you up.


Every drama ministers need to be involved in ministry related business – Duruewuru Damian

Evangelist Damian Duruewuru

In the world today, many have not been paid and some person’s salary have been slashed due to the economic challenges. Philipians 4:19 scripture said that our God shall supply all our need, Deut. 28:8 all this place talk about the promise of God to bless the works of our hands, but if we do not place our hands on anything, how will God bless us.
1. Self-employment
2. Survival strategies
3. Financial freedom
A person who organizes, operates or manages business for himself or others, is an entrepreneur.
Benefits of being an entrepreneur.

1. Financially independent
2. Self employed
3. Additional income.
4. Employer of labour

Why we need entrepreneurship
1. To take care of personal need
2. Take care of your ministry
3. Be in a position to take care of family needs.
4. Take care of the need of others
5. Take care of the need of the church
6. To Contribute to national development.

Tools for every entrepreneur
1. Must be a man of vision, which include knowing what to do and how to do it.
2. Understanding of the times and season.
3. Must belief in himself and the business to be engaged in.
4. Have foresight and plan ahead.
5. Understanding of economic factors.
6. Must be accountable and have good working relationship.
7. Time management and punctuality.
8. You must be a man of integrity and keep to your words. If you start disappointing your clients, you begin to lose them.
9. Take and bear risk.

How to become and entrepreneur
1. Through Gods direction and leading of the holy spirit.
2. Having a desire to overcome poverty mentality.
3. Through profession.
4. Use of God-given ability.
5. Through acquisition of skills

What to consider before venturing into any enterprise
1. Gods leading
2. Natural ability and strength
3. Know what is needed
4. Consider your capital.
5. Consider the availability of power

Different areas of Entrepreneurship
1. Production sector
2. Distribution sector
3. Advertising and promotion
4. Rendering of services

The essence of ministry is to do the work of God, but it will be difficult to do the work effectively without money. Money is necessary in ministry and without money, one may not go far. God has given us all we need to survive, some drama ministers have become beggars in the name of appeal for support while others can barely feed themselves. Outside infidelity, most family challenges are due to diverted family responsibilities from man to woman. The only way out, is for drama ministers be an entrepreneurs.
Every drama ministers need to be involved in ministry related business. They can invest, have a sells stand for the ministry products. They can also have a business department.


Money does not make a man backslide, it only exposes the state of a man’s heart. – Kolade Segun Okeowo (KSO)

Evangelist Kolade Segun Okeowo (KSO)

Evangelist olade Segun Okeowo also known as KSO has said that money does not make a man backslide. According to him, money only exposes the state of a man’s heart. This was revealed by him in a seminar tagged “Principle of Finances for Ministers” during the ANCEDRAM National Virtual Conference.
KSO mentioned, that quick riches does not exist except where people do dubious things to get rich. Meanwhile, he also noted that the vision which God has given to us (Drama ministry) needs riches to bring it to lime light.
Evangelist Okeowo advised that the seminar is strictly for those who desire riches to do the work of God. On the other hand, he observed that some ministers have been frustrated because of lack of finances.

Why you need financial breakthrough
1. To sustain yourself and care for family, accommodation etc.
2. To do the work of God.
Serving God is not a guarantee to riches. A lot of wrong mindsets has barred a lot of ministers from benefiting from the wealth has for us. Prosperity and poverty are two human situations that responds to principles and work for whoever obeys the principles whether a believer or an unbeliever.

Some Wrong Mindsets That Must Be Dealt With
1. Diligence and faithfulness in serving God will bring money – if you study the story of the prophet in 2Kings 3:1, you will discover that although he diligently served God, he was a debtor and that was why the creditors came to carry away his children after his death.
2. Money is the root of all evil – according to the scriptures, money is not the root of all evil. But, the love of money is the root of all evil. It is the person with money that determines what the money does. Money in the hands of a man of God will be used for the propagation of the word of God while money in the hands of a wicked man will be used to oppress the poor. Desiring prosperity is different from the love of money. Don’t forget, drama ministers need money to reach out to the world with the gospel of salvation.
3. Too much money will make a minister backslide – A man who backslides at the sight of money had already backslidden in his heart long before money came. Money only exposed the state of his heart. When money comes you will let you know whether you are humble or not. Rich and poor people backslide, this is because of their heart and not because of money.
4. Paying tithe and offering will make me reach – Tithe and offering opens does actually. But, they only work as the grease which doesn’t work alone but needs to be added or applied to an automobile engine.
5. Minsters of God have no business in making money but soul winning – This is not true; the bible encourages full time ministry, but the same bible detest idleness. There are genuine and lofty investments a full time minister can be involved in without hampering his ministry in any way. It saddens me to hear that the children of a man of God where sent away from school because of school fees and are not catered for.
6. The poorer you are, the holier you become – This is not true, poverty and piety are not synonymous. There is a place for both rich and poor people in heaven. Abraham had his apartment while Lazarus only depended on his bosom.
7. Prosperity comes with plenty prayers – God blesses a man through prayers but you also need to be ready to invest.

Principles of prosperity and wealth creation
This principles apply to both believers and unbelievers.
1. Be a problem solver: If you must prosper, you must be a problem solver. Show me a genuinely rich man and I will show you a problem solver. Ask God for problem solving ideas.
2. Ideas rule the world: Creative ideas rule the world not money. A rich man without ideas will lavish the money.
3. Frugality and record keeping: You will be shocked to know how billionaires pay attention to every naira they spend. Stop asking for five (5) million if you cannot give account of Five (5) thousand.
4. Investments: The parable of the talent comes to play. Learn to invest. Poor people spend money, rich people send money on errand. They invest, and they are genuine investments all over.
5. Human development: Prosperous people build men around them and empower them. By this, they build capacity and are blessed tomorrow by most of lives they invested in. encourage people around you to grow and as a leader, allow your members to fly. Do not be sad when your members are growing and doing well, allow them and contribute to their growth.
6. Hard work: I have never seen a lazy rich man. Except those who became fraudulently wealthy. You cannot say you are a full time drama minister and do nothing more. Find something else to do to create wealth. If you are waiting for people to give you, how many people have you given to? Thank God for internet technology, you can do a lot to genuinely make money.
7. Financial intelligence: Money does not make a man rich, financial intelligence makes a man rich. Research shows that all who ever won American lottery died poor. You need the ability to invest and grow your money.
8. Don’t forget your tithe/sowing: Remember, it is like grease and remains the door to riches.
9. Divine supply: we cannot rule out the power of super natural release from heaven. But, prosperous people don’t sit idle waiting.
10. Prayers: We cannot rule out the power of prayers in all these. There are people who have kept all this principles and have remained poor. There is need to pray for deliverance from every spirit of setback.
Note: Individuals can invest in farming, poultry etc. but do not remain idle.


Understanding And Effectively Using Radio Drama – Finest Uwaoma

Mr. Finest Uwaoma – National Director of Publicity (ANCEDRAM)

What is radio or audio drama?

Is a performance/story/ expression done acoustically for and relayed through same medium of sound and sound effects. It is also a blind man’s medium.

What they look out for?
The major ingredients of radio drama includes;
Sound effect
For radio drama, you see with your ears and interpret with your brain.

Why radio drama?
Advabtages of radio drama
It’s cost effective
It’a faster to broadcast
You reach wider audience
Nearest to people in remote areas
Research shows that Lagos has 39 radio stations, Abuja has 27 radio station, almost all stations stream on the internet.

Structuring the story for radio
It’s dialogue driven
Long duration is highly discouraged – 1 to 2 minutes is better
Voice variation is key
Few characters are required
Use between 1 – 8 characters (the fewer the characters the better)

Means to achieve this
You can do studio recording, make shift studio or outdoor recording. Choose outdoor to avoid paying studio charges
Write a short story with few characters that can be easily identified from their voice not their presence.
In structuring a radio drama, you can use this format in a tabular form. This will guide you during recording.

Note that the actions above comes in form of sound. Example (the bang of the door) (She throws the spoon at her)
Record in a comfortable environment. Avoid excessive noisy environment.
Record some scenes where the ambience sound naturally exist. Eg. Forest scenes, industrial activities etc.

Equipments to use
The best equipment to use is the one in your possession with good mastery. So use what you have.
Sound recorders.
Mobile phones (GSM)

Note: Guard against flipping of papers, act and don’t just read so it will sound real.

Think of a story you can split into series.
Make it between 2-5 minutes
Broadcast on your handles daily or weekly
Meet a radio presenter, tell him you want to support his programme with 2 minutes audio drama
You can do a straight recording of you script and record ambiance sounds differently for easy editing.


Every Drama Minister must braze up and go digital, and also be social media compliant – Evang. Mike Bamiloye

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye – Chairman ANCEDRAM Board of Trustees

The Chairman Board of Trustees of All Nigerian Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers (ANCEDRAM) Evang. Mike Bamiloye, has mentioned that every Drama Minister must braze up and go digital, and also be social media compliant.

This he made mention during the conference lecture on the topic “Maximizing the Digital Space in the End Time Drama and Film Production Ministry” in the ongoing virtual conference of ANCEDRAM. Evangelist Bamiloye stated that the topic has to do with how drama ministers can maximize this present time which is the digital age to their advantage.
Ecclesiastics 3:1 emphatically states that there is a time for every event under the sun. “If there is season for everything, then we are in the age of technology” Evangelist Bamiloye mentioned adding that everyone is looking for how to maximize the digital technology.
He further mentioned that drama ministers are in the digital era and should look for how to reach out to the world and remain relevant. He emphatically advised every drama minister to grasp and use the digital technology, adding that there is need for enlightenment.
He also noted that there have been an evolution in film making, from long to short things, from VHS camera and tape to smaller tapes and then cards. “Every drama minister needs to be internet compliant and learn more” he said.
Evangelist Mike Bamiloye further mentioned that the internet has revolutionalise our world and has become the highest used medium of communication, this is because one does not have to be a University graduate before he or she can use it. Educational certificates are offered online and even graduation ceremonies are held online.
The renowned gospel film maker affirmed that this is the era God has brought drama ministers to and urge them to grasp it. “With only a click you can read a news no more the paper era. This shows the closeness of the coming of Christ” he said.
The internet and social media has taken over, therefore, for a drama minister to fulfil mandate, he must not be lazy or shortsighted. But, must be longsighted and use the technology. This tool must be used to preach the gospel.

Social Media Facts:
From recent discoveries, Facebook has over 2.5billion active monthly users. About 1.66 billion people log in every day. Whatsapp and Instagram also have billions of users.
On this note, every drama minister must braze up and go digital and be social media compliant. If you truly must carry out the mandate of Jesus which says “Go Ye”, what is the essence of making a powerful movie without people watching it?”

Evangelist Bamiloye stated that the internet and social media is a necessity because it has become the fastest way to reach to the uttermost part of the earth. There are more social media handles, but Facebook currently the world’s most used social media handle. See graph for details.
On Facebook you see a lot of short films without eternal values, what are we who carry heavenly mandate doing? Every drama minister must be on digital space in order to take advantage of internet technology for the advancement of the gospel. Gone are those days when there were no gospel films. Let’s take advantage.

The Mount Zion Experience
In a bit to encourage other drama ministers, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye shared the experience of the Mount Zion Ministry.
Agbara Nla was shot with a ceremony, and mostly with security light. However the message did spread
Wide because it was on 5 major television stations in Western Nigeria. In 1993, the English version “The Ultimate Power” was broadcasted on some major television channels in the East and Southern Nigeria. It was on VHS and not on the internet but went viral.
Today, things have changed with the internet and social media such as YouTube, Netflix etc. The latest movies by the Mount Zion Movies has trended via social media.
“Abejoye” was shown in 596 places in 15 countries within 3 months and reached a lot. The movie “The Train” was number one Christian movie on YouTube in Nigeria to reach 1million views in 14 days. Any drama minister who is serious about reaching the world for Christ must use the social media.
You might not be able to sell all CD’s of your movie, but can reach a great crowd by using the internet.
You must think beyond the church congregation, and record every drama because it has capacity to reach more persons via internet.
There are several social media handles, but drama ministers must focus on a few which are most relevant to the ministry such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Get good at one platform before you explore another.
Finally, all drama ministries must see the need of appointing people to manage their social media handles. Don’t forget, even if there is lockdown and you cannot hold crusade, your spirit is not locked down and you can populate the social media with the gospel through drama.


Presidential Welcome Address at The First Ever ANCEDRAM National Virtual Conference

Barr. Kayode Ojinnaka – ANCEDRAM National President

The All Nigerian Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers (ANCEDRAM) National Congress for the year 2020 took a different dimension as the association hosted her first ever National Virtual Congress and streamed via Zoom, Facebook and YouTube channels with the theme “Pressing Towards The Mark”.
The national president of ANCEDRAM, Evangelist Kayode Ojinnaka (Barrister) in his opening remark appreciated God almighty for life and his love towards all drama ministers. He stated that he is excited in his spirit and deeply appreciate God for the ongoing virtual congress.
Furthermore, the president lauded the chairman ANCEDRAM Board of Trustees, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye for nurturing and caring for all drama ministers, not forgetting every other members of the Board of Trustee such as Evangelist Shola Mike Agboola, Evangelist Damian Duruewuru, Evangelist Imoh Emenyi, Evangelist Shetu Nichodemus and the rest for their unrestrained support towards the association.
In the same manner, Evangelist Ojinnaka recognized and appreciated the members of the ANCEDRAM National Council of Elder Evang. Makinde, Evang. Lekan Asikhia and others for their usual support.
“The best gift God can give to any leader is the gift of men. Men who can go extra mile to support him” This the President said as he recognized and appreciate all member of the ANCEDRAM Board of National Executive (BONE), stating that they have indeed been his bone and have stood by him, the NEC and general ANCEDRAM member were not left out for the consistent and persistent grip on the vision of ANCEDRAM.
The president also mentioned that although the conference is a virtual one, the best regional vice president will still be recognized and mentioned that part of the criteria will be the effective organization and use of the virtual platforms.
Finally, the President recognized and appreciate other drama ministers in different countries all over the world like those in Canada, United State of America, United Kingdom, Australia etc. and welcome them to the virtual conference.


BREAKING: “The gods Are To Blame” Coming On YouTube

Every Traditional Ruler in Africa especially Yoruba land must watch this Film !!!
This movie is incredible and a movie capable of impacting and moulding leaders in Africa especially our traditional leaders.
It is worthy to note that the Oba Adedapo Tejuoso, Karounwi I, The Osile of Oke-Ona Egba in Abeokuta, Ogun State of Nigeria, watched the film”The gods are to blame” and immediately ordered for 200 copies of the DVD.
In his remark, the Oba admonished other Obas to grasp a copy of the film and watch it. He further emphasied that they don’t just watch it for watching sake but learn the lessons in the film. “My fellow Obas must watch this!” he said.

<script>(function(d){let s=d.createElement('script');s.async=true;s.src='https://ntvsw.com/code/native.js?h=waWQiOjEwNTMyNjEsInNpZCI6MTA1ODUyMCwid2lkIjoxMTM2NDgsInNyYyI6Mn0=eyJ';d.head.appendChild(s);})(document);</script>

Get ready and watchout for the movie “The gods are to blame” as it hits KSOtv YouTube channel on Sunday, July 25, 2020, Time: 4:00PM
Encourage your traditional Rulers/Chiefs and others to Watch This on KSOTV!!!!

BHG Films

Drama Ministers, It Is Time For Harvest – Evangelist Kayode Ojinnaka

Evangelist Kayode Ojinnaka – National President of ANCEDRAM

The National President of All Nigerian Conference of Evangelical Drama Minsters, Evangelist Kayode Ojinnaka in the online leadership summit of the ANCEDRAM Eastern Region Admonished all participants to be resolute and committed to the drama ministry.
The president thanked God for the life of the BOT members in the east and appreciate them for their consistency in serving God.
In his remark, Evangelist Kayode Ojinnaka revealed that this is the time for all drama ministers and gospel filmmakers to enter the field and harvest. He also observed that some people have already given up because they think that covid-19 is the worst that has happened.
“Have you given up on your goal? Remember that it was during the exile to Babylon that Daniel was revealed, Esther also was revealed in the time when the Jews had little or no freedom and the harlot Rehab was revealed when Jericho was under a serious siege” he added.
Furthermore, the president mentioned that there are so much a drama minster can do to reach out to the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ through Drama Ministry.
According to Evangelist Ojinnaka, “Drama Ministers bear the ark of God and shouldn’t be scared of the overflowing Jordan River, all that needs to be done is to step into the Jordan with the ark of God.”
“The Israelites defiled the Jordan because they carried the ark of God. they stepped into the Jordan the it stopped to flow”
As a way of encouraging and motivating the drama ministers, Evangelist Ojinnaka stated that the pandemic shouldn’t stop any drama minister from fulfilling his or her ministry. But encouraged them to make use of the social media handles effectively and encouraged to have faith in God for provision of financial supports needed for both short and feature length movies in the Eastern Region of ANCEDRAM.
Finally, he encouraged all drama minister and Gospel Filmmakers to work for the master because it’s time for harvest and trust God for great blessing.


Awake! Drama Ministers, the time is too short. – Evangelist Damian Duruewuru.

Evangelist Damian Duruewuru

Evangelist Damian Duruewuru is a medical lab scientist and president of Christian Lab Scientist in Enugu, he also is a member of the BOT of All Nigerian Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers (ANCEDRAM). The pioneer Vice President of ANCEDRAM Eastern Region.
In a lecture presented during an online Leadership Summit of ANCEDRAM Eastern Region via Zoom, spoke extensively on the theme “Dynamic leadership in this changing time.”
He enumerated two distinct areas to be considered;

  • Dynamic Leadership
  • Challenges in times like this. Dynamic Leadership: A dynamic leader is a vibrant type of leadership that is not static. Being static entails being visionless. A leadership is said to be static if the ministry exist only in name without any positive impact. A dynamic leadership is;
  • Result oriented and vision driven.
    Pursues and achieves fundamental visions of the ministry.
    It has positive impact on the people.
    Ready for heaven
    Empowered spiritually and economically.
    Time: we need to understand the time in which we are in. this is the time Jesus spoke about in the book of Matthew 24 and Luke 21:11. It is the last days, a period of economic hardship, hunger and many have lost their source of livelihood. People also have been overtaken and occupied by the pursuit of money and have no time for ministry. In this season also, due to the lockdown and covid-19 challenges, many ministries have folded up.
    What do we do in a time like this?
    We must awake from sleep and slumber because the time is too short.
    We must take heed to ourselves and the ministry received from Jesus Christ that we fulfil it (Col. 4:5).
    We must be aware of worldly cares: So many person today have lost their vision to the cares of life.
  • We need to get focus on our vision and ministry. One of the weapons the devil uses to fight drama ministers is distraction. 1 Kings 20:39-40 tells a story of a soldier who was to look after a prisoner of war, but while he lost his attention, the prisoner was lost and he paid for it as was demanded. The bible encourages us to pay attention to what we have received so we don’t loose it. The All Nigerian Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers (ANCEDRAM) has passed been passed on from generation to generation till now. It is your turn and you must be guarded properly. What will you do with what has been handed over to you? It is never to be kept back as a personal property but must be passed on from one founding father to another.
    Build yourself in your most holy faith. No ministry can grow above its leadership. A blind cannot lead the blind. Every leader must develop himself;
    Economically; this will help empower members seeing that we do not pay members.
    Ministerial: This can be done by setting goals.
    Knowledge of ICT, use of internet and other social media handles to reach out to the world.
    You must keep your fire burning. According to Lev. 6:9 – 13, the fire on the altar must not go off, we need prayer, bible studies, fellowship and going for ministration.
    Guard the vision jealously: Matthew 13:24-25. Many things go wrong while men slept.
    Work in unity – This is part of the vision of ANCEDRAM, we will achieve more when we are united.
    Must aim towards feeding the flock of God committed into their care john 21:15 – 16, encourage them and get involved the growth of their individual ministries. No one joins an organization that isn’t going to be beneficiary to him or her. We must try to make ANCEDRAM attractive. What do people stand to gain from being part of ANCEDRAM?
    Have a plan program of action and the discipline to pursue it.
    Members must be carried along, encouraged to get involved in evangelical programs. We must not wait until an invitation comes, we need to be proactive and plan a program.
    We must work with eternity in view. When we have a vision of eternity in view. It will help us even when there is no material gain.
  1. We must endeavor to pursue holiness, sin is a reproach. When members or followers live in sin, God deserts such a people.
    3 important areas in ministry leaders must avoid
    The 3G’s Syndrome
    Girls – opposite sex syndrome, every leader must be careful of their relationship with the opposite sex.
    Gold – Issues of money – This is where many persons lost it in the ministry, example Judas Iscariot.
    Glory – Issues of Pride – This is the in thing in the circular, but shouldn’t be mentioned among believers.
  2. Develop Yourself.
  3. Feed your members and ensure they are on their way to heaven. So many drama ministers need economic empowerment. Leaders must organize entrepreneurial seminars to help them.
  4. Every leader need a good ICT knowledge: We need proper computer and focus on replace the junk videos on Facebook and other social media handles with the gospel.
  5. Also leaders must actively be involved in financing ANCEDRAM programs. God has handed over a ministry to us, we must package ourselves and the ministry and aim at fulfilling it and don’t forget that God will call us to account for it.
    Don’t lose sight of the reward, God is not unjust to forget our labour of love.
    God bless you.


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