Final Charge: Secrets of heavenly race set before us – Mike Bamiloye

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye – Chairman ANCEDRAM Board of Trustees

The Final charge at the just conclude ANCEDRAM National Virtual Conference, Pressing towards the mark was geared towards motivating and encouraging drama ministers to stay focused on the call and service to God.
According to Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, the chairman ANCEDRAM Board of Trustees, every Ministry comes with its own boisterous wind, but in order to succeed and fulfill ministry, every drama minister must stay focused on the one who called them and not on the challenges and troubles around.
Text: Philipians 3:13-14
This verses give us the secret of the heavenly race set before us. The two major secrets of attaining major goals in life and ministry.
The secret of fulfilling mandate of God in our ministry
The secret of running the heavenly race and ending in glory, and finishing strong, getting to heaven and getting the reward of your labour.
God has embedded in this verses spiritual formula. Paul was talking to brethren and not to unbelievers, God is talking to all his children and saying to us that here is a specific mark. He is no more but, the word is for us.
There is a mark and that mark is a destination, it is an end goal, a finishing line for all believers. There is a price attached to the mark and you only get it at the finishing line. There is a mark set before you by God, it is the mark God wants you to reach, it is our spiritual destination. And Paul said “I press towards the mark for a goal.”
In all we do in this world, there is a mark God wants to reach. It is a spiritual journey and every mission God puts in our hand has a spiritual mark. Starting it is not the work, finishing is not it but reaching the mark is the real thing.
Jesus healed, raised death and all he did he never reached the mark, he suffered to the cross and died he had not reached the mark until he appeared in heaven and showed himself to the father. I pray for everyone, you shall finish well!
Example from the case of Abraham, and asked him to leave his fathers house that was the starting point, the point he promised to show him is the set mark. When God called you he had a destination for you and that is what you will achieve but you must press towards it.
God promise to make Abraham great when he gets to the mark.
When you get to the mark you shall be crowned, lifted up and celebrated. As small as the vision given to you might seem, there is a mark and you must press towards it. Don’t stop halfway, don’t get tired you must finish it. There is always a promise and God does not fail in his promise. But, between the mark and the starting point there are obstacles which intend to take you off track and that is why Paul said I press towards it, he did not say I strolled or danced. But, I pushed and pressed towards the mark of the price.
Matthew 14:25-31 is a beautiful example.
Here Jesus came walking on the sea to meet his disciples, they were afraid and Jesus beckoned on peter to come to him. Peter stepped out of the boat, he left the starting point and was walking towards Jesus. It is not everyone that can step out of the boat because others where in the boat. It is one thing to have a vision, it is another thing to have the vision and the calling. To have the price of the calling there is something in between not just the call. After Jesus Christ Peter walked on the water, but there was a serious mistake and that is a lesson for all.
Between the starting point and the mark there was a great storm, now the secret to finishing the mark is revealed. Even when Jesus commanded peter to come, there was still a great storm but you will have to move, press forward towards the mark. You must not stop half way. Every Canaan land has its Anakeems, when Joseph saw the vision of greatness, his brothers hated him.
Jesus did not stop the storm, but when Peter saw that the storm was great he was afraid, and then he began to sink, he didn’t sink when his eyes and attention=on was on Jesus who called him he never sank. Every ministry and calling comes with great storms of betrayal, setbacks, distractions they are all targeted at making you take off your eyes from the mark. There is a lifting and promotion ahead when you reach you goal and finish your assignment. There are many Christians whose eye are on the big assignment but they are not faithful in the little.
Are you feeling discouraged at the initial face of your ministry, ministry comes with great storms. As you press forward, the lord will make it work. When you buy or receive your calling, you buy or receive it with great storm.
Behind the mark there is a high calling, but you have to press forward. Paul at different instances was stoned, rubbed and even went hungry. Those were his stormy season and he pressed hard until he got to the mark. You and I will finish strong. No great storm stays forever.
Peter looked at the challenges, the hunger the lacks and others. Complaints is a great danger to a man of vision. In the journey of the Israelites between the start to the promise land there was a wilderness.
Never give room for grumbling, or murmuring let you focus be where Jesus called you because he will be waiting for you at the end. Peter looked away, the easiest way to disappear from the call is to look away. Following shortcuts, you must pay your dues pray for grace to do so.
When Abraham looked away and got Ishmael, it took about 35years before God spoke to Abraham again. God knows all you go through, all is not about the devil.
That the lord has given you a vision to do movies and you produced it, did you ask him how to go about it?
How to sink is to shift your eyes away from the master and pay too much attention to challenges, when you associate with the wrong people you will sink. When you pay attention to negative conversation you pollute your hear and you can still sink. Peter was sinking, but did a fantastic thing, he called on jesus to save and Jesus stretch forth his hand and saved him.
Is there any one whose ministry is in shamble, facing opposition, crisis, problems in marriage, health because of your ministry, call on Jesus. Some financial challenges come because of your ministry. If you are sinking call him raising your hands and he will pull you up.


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