Money does not make a man backslide, it only exposes the state of a man’s heart. – Kolade Segun Okeowo (KSO)

Evangelist Kolade Segun Okeowo (KSO)

Evangelist olade Segun Okeowo also known as KSO has said that money does not make a man backslide. According to him, money only exposes the state of a man’s heart. This was revealed by him in a seminar tagged “Principle of Finances for Ministers” during the ANCEDRAM National Virtual Conference.
KSO mentioned, that quick riches does not exist except where people do dubious things to get rich. Meanwhile, he also noted that the vision which God has given to us (Drama ministry) needs riches to bring it to lime light.
Evangelist Okeowo advised that the seminar is strictly for those who desire riches to do the work of God. On the other hand, he observed that some ministers have been frustrated because of lack of finances.

Why you need financial breakthrough
1. To sustain yourself and care for family, accommodation etc.
2. To do the work of God.
Serving God is not a guarantee to riches. A lot of wrong mindsets has barred a lot of ministers from benefiting from the wealth has for us. Prosperity and poverty are two human situations that responds to principles and work for whoever obeys the principles whether a believer or an unbeliever.

Some Wrong Mindsets That Must Be Dealt With
1. Diligence and faithfulness in serving God will bring money – if you study the story of the prophet in 2Kings 3:1, you will discover that although he diligently served God, he was a debtor and that was why the creditors came to carry away his children after his death.
2. Money is the root of all evil – according to the scriptures, money is not the root of all evil. But, the love of money is the root of all evil. It is the person with money that determines what the money does. Money in the hands of a man of God will be used for the propagation of the word of God while money in the hands of a wicked man will be used to oppress the poor. Desiring prosperity is different from the love of money. Don’t forget, drama ministers need money to reach out to the world with the gospel of salvation.
3. Too much money will make a minister backslide – A man who backslides at the sight of money had already backslidden in his heart long before money came. Money only exposed the state of his heart. When money comes you will let you know whether you are humble or not. Rich and poor people backslide, this is because of their heart and not because of money.
4. Paying tithe and offering will make me reach – Tithe and offering opens does actually. But, they only work as the grease which doesn’t work alone but needs to be added or applied to an automobile engine.
5. Minsters of God have no business in making money but soul winning – This is not true; the bible encourages full time ministry, but the same bible detest idleness. There are genuine and lofty investments a full time minister can be involved in without hampering his ministry in any way. It saddens me to hear that the children of a man of God where sent away from school because of school fees and are not catered for.
6. The poorer you are, the holier you become – This is not true, poverty and piety are not synonymous. There is a place for both rich and poor people in heaven. Abraham had his apartment while Lazarus only depended on his bosom.
7. Prosperity comes with plenty prayers – God blesses a man through prayers but you also need to be ready to invest.

Principles of prosperity and wealth creation
This principles apply to both believers and unbelievers.
1. Be a problem solver: If you must prosper, you must be a problem solver. Show me a genuinely rich man and I will show you a problem solver. Ask God for problem solving ideas.
2. Ideas rule the world: Creative ideas rule the world not money. A rich man without ideas will lavish the money.
3. Frugality and record keeping: You will be shocked to know how billionaires pay attention to every naira they spend. Stop asking for five (5) million if you cannot give account of Five (5) thousand.
4. Investments: The parable of the talent comes to play. Learn to invest. Poor people spend money, rich people send money on errand. They invest, and they are genuine investments all over.
5. Human development: Prosperous people build men around them and empower them. By this, they build capacity and are blessed tomorrow by most of lives they invested in. encourage people around you to grow and as a leader, allow your members to fly. Do not be sad when your members are growing and doing well, allow them and contribute to their growth.
6. Hard work: I have never seen a lazy rich man. Except those who became fraudulently wealthy. You cannot say you are a full time drama minister and do nothing more. Find something else to do to create wealth. If you are waiting for people to give you, how many people have you given to? Thank God for internet technology, you can do a lot to genuinely make money.
7. Financial intelligence: Money does not make a man rich, financial intelligence makes a man rich. Research shows that all who ever won American lottery died poor. You need the ability to invest and grow your money.
8. Don’t forget your tithe/sowing: Remember, it is like grease and remains the door to riches.
9. Divine supply: we cannot rule out the power of super natural release from heaven. But, prosperous people don’t sit idle waiting.
10. Prayers: We cannot rule out the power of prayers in all these. There are people who have kept all this principles and have remained poor. There is need to pray for deliverance from every spirit of setback.
Note: Individuals can invest in farming, poultry etc. but do not remain idle.


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