Every drama ministers need to be involved in ministry related business – Duruewuru Damian

Evangelist Damian Duruewuru

In the world today, many have not been paid and some person’s salary have been slashed due to the economic challenges. Philipians 4:19 scripture said that our God shall supply all our need, Deut. 28:8 all this place talk about the promise of God to bless the works of our hands, but if we do not place our hands on anything, how will God bless us.
1. Self-employment
2. Survival strategies
3. Financial freedom
A person who organizes, operates or manages business for himself or others, is an entrepreneur.
Benefits of being an entrepreneur.

1. Financially independent
2. Self employed
3. Additional income.
4. Employer of labour

Why we need entrepreneurship
1. To take care of personal need
2. Take care of your ministry
3. Be in a position to take care of family needs.
4. Take care of the need of others
5. Take care of the need of the church
6. To Contribute to national development.

Tools for every entrepreneur
1. Must be a man of vision, which include knowing what to do and how to do it.
2. Understanding of the times and season.
3. Must belief in himself and the business to be engaged in.
4. Have foresight and plan ahead.
5. Understanding of economic factors.
6. Must be accountable and have good working relationship.
7. Time management and punctuality.
8. You must be a man of integrity and keep to your words. If you start disappointing your clients, you begin to lose them.
9. Take and bear risk.

How to become and entrepreneur
1. Through Gods direction and leading of the holy spirit.
2. Having a desire to overcome poverty mentality.
3. Through profession.
4. Use of God-given ability.
5. Through acquisition of skills

What to consider before venturing into any enterprise
1. Gods leading
2. Natural ability and strength
3. Know what is needed
4. Consider your capital.
5. Consider the availability of power

Different areas of Entrepreneurship
1. Production sector
2. Distribution sector
3. Advertising and promotion
4. Rendering of services

The essence of ministry is to do the work of God, but it will be difficult to do the work effectively without money. Money is necessary in ministry and without money, one may not go far. God has given us all we need to survive, some drama ministers have become beggars in the name of appeal for support while others can barely feed themselves. Outside infidelity, most family challenges are due to diverted family responsibilities from man to woman. The only way out, is for drama ministers be an entrepreneurs.
Every drama ministers need to be involved in ministry related business. They can invest, have a sells stand for the ministry products. They can also have a business department.


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