Understanding And Effectively Using Radio Drama – Finest Uwaoma

Mr. Finest Uwaoma – National Director of Publicity (ANCEDRAM)

What is radio or audio drama?

Is a performance/story/ expression done acoustically for and relayed through same medium of sound and sound effects. It is also a blind man’s medium.

What they look out for?
The major ingredients of radio drama includes;
Sound effect
For radio drama, you see with your ears and interpret with your brain.

Why radio drama?
Advabtages of radio drama
It’s cost effective
It’a faster to broadcast
You reach wider audience
Nearest to people in remote areas
Research shows that Lagos has 39 radio stations, Abuja has 27 radio station, almost all stations stream on the internet.

Structuring the story for radio
It’s dialogue driven
Long duration is highly discouraged – 1 to 2 minutes is better
Voice variation is key
Few characters are required
Use between 1 – 8 characters (the fewer the characters the better)

Means to achieve this
You can do studio recording, make shift studio or outdoor recording. Choose outdoor to avoid paying studio charges
Write a short story with few characters that can be easily identified from their voice not their presence.
In structuring a radio drama, you can use this format in a tabular form. This will guide you during recording.

Note that the actions above comes in form of sound. Example (the bang of the door) (She throws the spoon at her)
Record in a comfortable environment. Avoid excessive noisy environment.
Record some scenes where the ambience sound naturally exist. Eg. Forest scenes, industrial activities etc.

Equipments to use
The best equipment to use is the one in your possession with good mastery. So use what you have.
Sound recorders.
Mobile phones (GSM)

Note: Guard against flipping of papers, act and don’t just read so it will sound real.

Think of a story you can split into series.
Make it between 2-5 minutes
Broadcast on your handles daily or weekly
Meet a radio presenter, tell him you want to support his programme with 2 minutes audio drama
You can do a straight recording of you script and record ambiance sounds differently for easy editing.


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