Drama Ministers, It Is Time For Harvest – Evangelist Kayode Ojinnaka

Evangelist Kayode Ojinnaka – National President of ANCEDRAM

The National President of All Nigerian Conference of Evangelical Drama Minsters, Evangelist Kayode Ojinnaka in the online leadership summit of the ANCEDRAM Eastern Region Admonished all participants to be resolute and committed to the drama ministry.
The president thanked God for the life of the BOT members in the east and appreciate them for their consistency in serving God.
In his remark, Evangelist Kayode Ojinnaka revealed that this is the time for all drama ministers and gospel filmmakers to enter the field and harvest. He also observed that some people have already given up because they think that covid-19 is the worst that has happened.
“Have you given up on your goal? Remember that it was during the exile to Babylon that Daniel was revealed, Esther also was revealed in the time when the Jews had little or no freedom and the harlot Rehab was revealed when Jericho was under a serious siege” he added.
Furthermore, the president mentioned that there are so much a drama minster can do to reach out to the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ through Drama Ministry.
According to Evangelist Ojinnaka, “Drama Ministers bear the ark of God and shouldn’t be scared of the overflowing Jordan River, all that needs to be done is to step into the Jordan with the ark of God.”
“The Israelites defiled the Jordan because they carried the ark of God. they stepped into the Jordan the it stopped to flow”
As a way of encouraging and motivating the drama ministers, Evangelist Ojinnaka stated that the pandemic shouldn’t stop any drama minister from fulfilling his or her ministry. But encouraged them to make use of the social media handles effectively and encouraged to have faith in God for provision of financial supports needed for both short and feature length movies in the Eastern Region of ANCEDRAM.
Finally, he encouraged all drama minister and Gospel Filmmakers to work for the master because it’s time for harvest and trust God for great blessing.


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