Covid-19 Pandemic Has Created A Platform For All Gospel Filmmakers – Richard K. Njoku

Richard K. Njoku

Gone are the days when people believed that social media platforms where only for unbelievers. The church in itself never condemned it but has always and still condemns the negative impact some activities carried out on the social media has on the christian, especially, the younger generation.

But, that not withstanding, in our today’s world social media handles have become effective tools for Drama Evangelism and meetings. Outreach, soul winning and even mentoring young Gospel Filmmaker also has great chances of reaching wider audience than what was previously obtained.

As a leader and Gospel Filmmaker, you need to know different online handles to use for propagation of the gospel. The popular one includes;

1. YouTube channels: Google doesn’t appreciate a channel without contents. Google needs contents and so before you think of operatig a YouTube channel, you must be ready to feed it with contents.

We can record and produce audio Dramas even with a smart phone. That can be achieved with the aid of software applications such as anchor, spotify etc.

Don’t do YouTube videos with a bad camera, first impression matters. The quality of your video has a way of bringing more people to your channel or sending the away from your channel.

2. Telegram: with the use of telegram, a Drama minister can own and run a channel with upto 2000 peope, and you alone can decide what is posted in it.

3. Instagram

4. Facebook: Every writer can reach a wider audience with the message of the kingdom by writing or publishing their creative work on Facebook.

The Covid-19 pandemic is really a blessing and every Drama Evangelist must take advantage of this opportunity.


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