Awake! Drama Ministers, the time is too short. – Evangelist Damian Duruewuru.

Evangelist Damian Duruewuru

Evangelist Damian Duruewuru is a medical lab scientist and president of Christian Lab Scientist in Enugu, he also is a member of the BOT of All Nigerian Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers (ANCEDRAM). The pioneer Vice President of ANCEDRAM Eastern Region.
In a lecture presented during an online Leadership Summit of ANCEDRAM Eastern Region via Zoom, spoke extensively on the theme “Dynamic leadership in this changing time.”
He enumerated two distinct areas to be considered;

  • Dynamic Leadership
  • Challenges in times like this. Dynamic Leadership: A dynamic leader is a vibrant type of leadership that is not static. Being static entails being visionless. A leadership is said to be static if the ministry exist only in name without any positive impact. A dynamic leadership is;
  • Result oriented and vision driven.
    Pursues and achieves fundamental visions of the ministry.
    It has positive impact on the people.
    Ready for heaven
    Empowered spiritually and economically.
    Time: we need to understand the time in which we are in. this is the time Jesus spoke about in the book of Matthew 24 and Luke 21:11. It is the last days, a period of economic hardship, hunger and many have lost their source of livelihood. People also have been overtaken and occupied by the pursuit of money and have no time for ministry. In this season also, due to the lockdown and covid-19 challenges, many ministries have folded up.
    What do we do in a time like this?
    We must awake from sleep and slumber because the time is too short.
    We must take heed to ourselves and the ministry received from Jesus Christ that we fulfil it (Col. 4:5).
    We must be aware of worldly cares: So many person today have lost their vision to the cares of life.
  • We need to get focus on our vision and ministry. One of the weapons the devil uses to fight drama ministers is distraction. 1 Kings 20:39-40 tells a story of a soldier who was to look after a prisoner of war, but while he lost his attention, the prisoner was lost and he paid for it as was demanded. The bible encourages us to pay attention to what we have received so we don’t loose it. The All Nigerian Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers (ANCEDRAM) has passed been passed on from generation to generation till now. It is your turn and you must be guarded properly. What will you do with what has been handed over to you? It is never to be kept back as a personal property but must be passed on from one founding father to another.
    Build yourself in your most holy faith. No ministry can grow above its leadership. A blind cannot lead the blind. Every leader must develop himself;
    Economically; this will help empower members seeing that we do not pay members.
    Ministerial: This can be done by setting goals.
    Knowledge of ICT, use of internet and other social media handles to reach out to the world.
    You must keep your fire burning. According to Lev. 6:9 – 13, the fire on the altar must not go off, we need prayer, bible studies, fellowship and going for ministration.
    Guard the vision jealously: Matthew 13:24-25. Many things go wrong while men slept.
    Work in unity – This is part of the vision of ANCEDRAM, we will achieve more when we are united.
    Must aim towards feeding the flock of God committed into their care john 21:15 – 16, encourage them and get involved the growth of their individual ministries. No one joins an organization that isn’t going to be beneficiary to him or her. We must try to make ANCEDRAM attractive. What do people stand to gain from being part of ANCEDRAM?
    Have a plan program of action and the discipline to pursue it.
    Members must be carried along, encouraged to get involved in evangelical programs. We must not wait until an invitation comes, we need to be proactive and plan a program.
    We must work with eternity in view. When we have a vision of eternity in view. It will help us even when there is no material gain.
  1. We must endeavor to pursue holiness, sin is a reproach. When members or followers live in sin, God deserts such a people.
    3 important areas in ministry leaders must avoid
    The 3G’s Syndrome
    Girls – opposite sex syndrome, every leader must be careful of their relationship with the opposite sex.
    Gold – Issues of money – This is where many persons lost it in the ministry, example Judas Iscariot.
    Glory – Issues of Pride – This is the in thing in the circular, but shouldn’t be mentioned among believers.
  2. Develop Yourself.
  3. Feed your members and ensure they are on their way to heaven. So many drama ministers need economic empowerment. Leaders must organize entrepreneurial seminars to help them.
  4. Every leader need a good ICT knowledge: We need proper computer and focus on replace the junk videos on Facebook and other social media handles with the gospel.
  5. Also leaders must actively be involved in financing ANCEDRAM programs. God has handed over a ministry to us, we must package ourselves and the ministry and aim at fulfilling it and don’t forget that God will call us to account for it.
    Don’t lose sight of the reward, God is not unjust to forget our labour of love.
    God bless you.


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