The next junction to God’s blessing is fulfilling divine purpose. – Evang. Imoh Emenyi

A Dynamic leader is someone understands time as a change agent, someone who works with people and can direct others. He also has what it takes to develop people.
A Dynamic Leader;
Sets goal and work towards it.
He is driven by his zeal and passion.
He also ensures his vision is relevant
Text: Matthew 24
We are in a generation where people have become lovers of themselves and not interested in the things of God. So many minsters are carried away and ignorant of the time we are in.
Every leader needs capacity and that must be a spiritual capacity. Leadership is influence and because of that Christian leaders must depend on God for strength and positive influence. Using the life of Daniel in Daniel 1:5 – 8 as an example.
Qualities of a dynamic leader
Committed to discipline: A dynamic leader must have good relationship with God and he must never forget that he belongs to God. No matter where he found himself. He also knows that he will not achieve anything without God and will always hold on to God. Daniel held onto God even though he was in a strange land and had his name changed. If you are disconnected from God, you cannot be successful. Relationship with God is everything. Daniel served 5 kings and 3 kingdoms. Yet, he was committed to discipline.
He understood commitment to God in the place of prayer. He prayed and encouraged others to pray even when their purpose was threatened. Are we praying in our states as leaders? We can only hear God in the place of prayer. Daniel took risk and God used him. Leaders fail because they refuse to take risk.

Committed to Purpose: Understanding purpose makes a leader bold. Daniel understood purpose and confronted the king boldly because he understood purpose.

Committed to Integrity: integrity is the ability to be just and honest. A dynamic leader does the things that are right whether they are monitored or not. Can we be trusted to do the right thing? The next junction to God’s blessing is fulfilling divine purpose.
All our reasons put together is not enough for us to fail God as ANCEDRAM leaders in the Eastern Region.


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